Anchovy fish sauce for baby Song Sach Food – Details

Anchovy fish sauce for baby Song Sach Food – Details


Code: NMCB Country of origin: Fish Sauce Craft Village - Quang Nam - Viet Nam Content: 60 ml Description: Anchovy fish sauce for babies with high protein and delicious natural flavor. It helps to contribute nutritions for babies and can be used with babies' meals. Tiki shop

Song sach food - Anchovy fish sauce for baby

“Cua Khe" - 100- year-old Traditional Fish Sauce Craft Village

The product is made with 100% Fresh Anchovy fish that are caught at Cua Khe, Quang Nam, and mixed with the natural unrefined salt. Using the traditional method - the fish are coated in salt and fermented in 24 months. We are using the modern filter method to manufacture high-quality fish sauce.

Nước mắm cá cơm than chai 60ml

Nước mắm cá cơm than chai 150ml

This product is manufactured by a closed system, no preservatives are added. It has a natural flavor with umami taste. The best fish sauce for babies with:

  • High protein
  • Natural umami flavor
  • Good for health

Ingredients: Anchovy fish of Cua Khe, Quang Nam and natural unrefined salt.

Nutritional Facts

  Values (gram/ liter)
Protein ≥ 40 g/l
Total nitrogen ≥ 30 g/l
Nito amino acid ≥ 55 %
Nito Amoniac ≤ 20%
pH (of acetic acid) ≥ 8 g/l
Salt 245 – 280 g/l

Use: Using as a seasoning for babies' meals.

Nước mắm cho bé

Serving size: only use ½ or 1 teaspoon of fish sauce for one bowl of gruel, rice cereal.

  • Baby in the weaning period (from 12 months old), using fish sauce to contribute probiotics and over 20 amino acids for babies.
  • Baby over 8 months old, using a lesser amount (⅓ spoon-fed weaning) for unseasoned food.

Storage: Store in a dark, cool and dry place, protect the product away from sunlight, and cover carefully after using.

Alert! No use more than one spoon for one meal.

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