The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey for babies MOTN

The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey for babies MOTN


Code: MOTN Country of origin: Tien Phuoc - Quang Nam - Viet Nam Content: Glass bottle 100ml Description: Song Sach Food - Pure natural honey Bee for babies is collected and extracted in the Tien Phuoc mountain area. Honey Bee is made from natural nectar and no antibiotic; moreover, no preservatives are used, that will bring many benefits for babies. Tiki shop

Song Sach Food - The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey

the best choice for babies

Outstanding features

Mật ong thiên nhiên Sống Sạch Food

  • The bees giving honey are Apis Dorsata and Micrapis - these kinds of bees are living and building nests under the stone, large trees in the forest.
  • Nectars are collected from the herb plants, flowers of the precious perennial trees so that they no contain harmful substances and no infect chemicals.
  • Having a lower proportion of the water (7-15%) than that in the beekeeping bee (above 35%)
  • The amount of antibacterial and natural anti-inflammatory(Methylglyoxal) in forest honey bees is 5 times higher than that in natural beekeeping honey bees.
  • Having a high nutritional value, including Glucose, Fructose, and 70 kinds of minerals and vitamins that is good for babies' health.

After being collected, natural honey bees have the water and substances filter process to avoid the irritation of babies.

Benefits of natural honey bee for babies:

  • Natural honey bees have a high amount of antibacterial and natural anti-inflammatory that help to effectively prevent the infection of the respiratory system.
  • Rich in nutrition, good for babies’ health. 
  • Help to heal quickly the burn when babies get a minor burn. It also can be used when mom has got a burn.
  • Using honey bees with herbs can help to effectively treat a cough and a cold of babies.
  • A natural enzyme in honey bees can help to balance the digestive system, help babies to prevent the digestive disorders and other problems relating with digestion.
  • Help to feel relaxed, fall asleep fast and have a deep sleep.


Ingredients: 100% honey bees separate the residue, water by nanotechnology.

No preservatives, no adulteration, so that it is very suitable for babies.

Package: Glass bottle - 100ml

The way to use the forest honey bee for babies

In the forest honey bees (pure natural honey bees) don’t have antibiotics and no preservatives, so that it is the best choice for babies.

The way to use the forest honey bee effectively and safely

Mix well the honey bee with the warm water that is under 40oC, and let babies drink in the morning, before having a meal 1 hour, or after a meal 2-3 hours. Drinking honey bees at this time can help babies’ digestion easily absorb as well as it does not affect babies’ meals.

Drinking one cup of the honey bee with the warm water before going to bed will help to improve the quality of babies’ sleep.

The notice when using honey bee for babies

  • No use for babies under 1-year-old.
  • No use over 30gr honey bees/ day.
  • Only using the honey bee for babies within 3 months after the opening day.

Storage: Store the honey bees in a dry and cool place. Protect from insects and ants.

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