The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey MO100

The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey MO100


Code: MO100 Country of origin: Tien Phuoc - Quang Nam - Viet Nam Content: Glass bottle - 100ml Description: Song Sach Food - The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey has a natural sweet, no sugar contained, and a high nutritional value, especially the high enzyme content. This is a comprehensive health product. Tiki shop

The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey - the quintessence of Quang Nam province

Raw materials area

  • The forest honey bees are collected and extracted by the traditional method.
  • Tien Phuoc is renowned as a land in a western part of Quang Nam province.
  • It is a midland with many mountains and old-growth forests where perennial plants live.
  • This place has a special quality forest honey bee that can not be confused with other honey bees.

Outstanding features

  • The bees giving honey are Apis Dorsata and Micrapis - these kinds of bees are living and building nests under the stone, large trees in the forest.
  • Nectars are collected from the herb plants, flowers of the precious perennial trees so that they no contain harmful substances and no infect chemicals.
  • Having a lower proportion of the water (7-15%) than that in the beekeeping bee (above 35%)
  • The amount of antibacterial and natural anti-inflammatory(Methylglyoxal) in forest honey bees is 5 times higher than that in natural beekeeping honey bees.
  • Having a high nutritional value, including Glucose, Fructose, and 70 kinds of minerals and vitamins.

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Benefits of The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey    

  • The calories from the forest honey bee is very healthy, that helps people against tiredness, contribute energy and help to reduce muscle pain.
  • Using the forest bee pure natural honey helps to prevent and treat digestive disorders, acid reflux disease and stomach ulcer.
  • Having a high antibacterial, if you use it frequently, it can help to reduce gingivitis and bad breath condition.
  • Help people who have insomnia can have a deep sleep, reduce pressure, and release stress.


  per 100g
Energy 304kcal
Cacbonhydrat 82.4g
   – Sugar - Fiber






Vitamin– Vitamin B2

– Vitamin B3

– Vitamin B5

– Vitamin C






100% natural, harvested by craft method, and not using machines.

Quality target

The ingredients are cultivated and harvested by craft method, not using machines, no chemicals, and preservatives.


Store the product in a dry place, protect from the sunlight, we don’t recommend to store it in the refrigerator.

mat ong rung nguyen chat song sach

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Glass bottle - 100ml

It is best for:

Because of the high nutrients and the diversity of use, the forest bee honey is suitable for all ages. It can help to boost the immune system, skincare, and use it in cooking, drinking tea…

Song Sach Food - The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey will be the best choice for your health.


Use directly with warm water, stir into tea, apply to the skin, bake a cake, cook,...

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