Pure Natural Black Sesame Oil DM250

Pure Natural Black Sesame Oil DM250


Code: DM250 Country of origin: Tien Phuoc - Quang Nam - Viet Nam Content: Glass Bottle - 250ml Description: Pure Natural Black sesame oil is extracted from 100% purebred sesame seeds, non-GMO seeds. Tiki shop

Song Sach Food - Pure Natural Black Sesame Oil

Raw materials area

  • Tien Phuoc is a midland district in Quang Nam province. It has a suitable climate and soil to cultivate seed harvesting plants such as sesame, peanut, corn,...
  • Alluvial sediments of the Tien River that are surrounding the fields help to improve the quality plants in this area.
  • Because having this raw material area, Song Sach Food is confident that we can bring for our customers the best product for their health.


Song Sach Food - Pure Natural Black Sesame Oil

  • Ingredients are collected from the quality raw materials area.
  • Rich in Omega 3,6,9, which are essential nutrients for a healthy heart.
  • High nutrition of Vitamin E and K, the best antioxidant for the body.
  • The secret of mixed, grilled, marinated dishes, and a special sauce.

Dầu mè (vừng) đen nguyên chất

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per one portion 13.5g
Energy 120kcal
Saturated fat maximum 1.9g
Monounsaturated fat minimum 5.4g
Polyunsaturated fat minimum 5.7g
Cholesterol 0


100% pure natural black sesame, extracted by cold-pressed method.

Quality target

  • No preservatives and food colorants
  • The ingredients are cultivated and harvested by craft method.


Store in a dry and cold place, the optimum temperature is from 25oC to 35oC, protect the product from the sunlight.


Glass Bottle - 250ml

The oil is packed in a dark bottle to prolong storage time and not affect the quality of the product.

Benefits of Pure Natural Black sesame seed oil

It is suitable for all members of the family, vegetarians, and people who have cardiovascular disease.

Song Sach Food - Pure Natural Black sesame seed oil - 100% black sesame seed oil made in Viet Nam

  • Extracted from collected black sesame seed oil following Extra Virgin standard.
  • Lower cholesterol in the blood, prevent cardiovascular disease, gingivitis, and reduce blood sugar.
  • Keep antioxidants - Vitamin E and K, which helps to anti-aging, and smooth your skin, revive damaged hair.


Use directly, mix with salad, make a sauce, fry, stir fry, bake a cake, use the oil as skincare and haircare products.

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