Nutrition Black sesame oil for baby Song Sach Food DMDD

Nutrition Black sesame oil for baby Song Sach Food DMDD


Code: DMDD Country of origin: Tien Phuoc - Quang Nam - Viet Nam Content: 60 ml Description: Black sesame oil is extracted from 100% natural sesame seeds. This is a premium weaning oil which helps to contribute nutritions for babies. Tiki shop

Song Sach Food - Nutrition Black sesame oil - Premium flavors for baby

Raw materials area

  • 100% black sesame seeds are collected from the raw materials area - Song Sach Farm in Thang Binh District, Quang Nam province.

  • Our cultivation process is using the organic agriculture system. The arable land is a Pilot plant meeting the Good Agricultural Practice Standard (Vietgap). A cultivation process is observed strictly from selecting cultivation area process, arable plant testing process, bed planting process to residue of medicine plant protection to guarantee quality.

Outstanding features

  • Black sesame oil is manufactured with a cold-pressing method to maintain a higher yield of nutrition of the sesame seed.
  • Black sesame oil is known as a queen oil among weaning oil because of the outstanding benefits.
  • Ingredients are collected from the quality raw materials area.
  • Rich in nutrition for babies: Omega 3,6,9.
  • Contain a high Vitamin E, K that is the antioxidant. No containing Cholesterol.
  • Have a benefit to build up a resistance, and boost the immune system, improve calcium absorption ability to increase bone strength.
  • Help to increase your child's appetite.

Dầu mè đen dinh dưỡng Sống Sạch Food chai 60ml

Dầu mè đen dinh dưỡng Sống Sạch Food chai 150ml

Do you confuse? How to choose weaning oil for babies?

Benefits of Nutrition Black sesame oil for weaning babies: 

Song Sach Food - Nutrition Black sesame oil - 100% Black sesame oil made in Viet Nam

  • Brain development: due to having high nutrition of Omega 3 and DHA, which is essential nutrition for the improvement of a baby brain.
  • Immune system improvement: Containing Vitamin E, Omega 3…6, which helps to build up a resistance and boost the immune system.
  • Essential fats nutrients provision: Supporting in forming adipose tissue, which role is to generate body heat, due to the high healthy fats.
  • Digestion improvement: Containing a high fiber which supports effectively to prevent and treat constipation disease.
  • Help to maintain the smooth skin of the babies.
  • Good for babies' cardiovascular system.

dầu mè đen dinh dưỡng

Nutritional Facts

per 100g
Omega 3 35 – 38 100g
Omega 6 33 – 37g.200g
Omega 9 32.6 – 34 g
Vitamin E 4.5 – 4.8 mg
Vitamin K1 28 – 30 μg


  • 100% natural black sesame seeds
  • NO chemicals, additives, and preservatives are used

Quality target

  • Manufacturing by using a cold-pressed method with under 34oC
  • No preservatives and food colorants
  • Ingredients are cultivated with the organic method

Packaging and storage

Glass bottle - content: 60ml

One pack: 6 glass bottles

Store in a dry and cold place, the optimum temperature is from 25oC to 35oC, protect the product from the sunlight.


It can be used as a part of the weaning meal, a seasoning for babies' meals. Cooked it with babies’ dishes or adding in gruel and rice cereal.

  • Baby from 6 months to 12 months (use 1-2 teaspoon/ one time, use twice per day). Mixed Black sesame oil with cooked meals before eating.
  • Baby over 1 year-old: the amount of use depends on the food.

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