Song Sach Food informations

Nguyen Thanh Toan Business Household and SOSAFCO Company Limited, which is the precursor of SOSAFCO SERVICES TRADING PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED. Our company was established in March. We got a Certificate of Business registration - 0314274019, which was issued on 3rd August 2017 by the Department of planning and investment of the Ho Chi Minh City. On 29th April 2020, our company changed to SOSAFCO SERVICES TRADING PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED (Song Sach Food) and placed the head office at Cam Lanh Hamlet, Tien Cam Village, Tien Phuoc District, Quang Nam province, Viet Nam. Our company work in the clean food production and distribution area, with the key manufacturing industry, which the main product is pure oil applying the Extra Virgin Standard; especially Premium flavors for baby. Over the past 3 years, with the guide of the Administrative Council, Directors, and the efforts of our staff, Song Sach Food has been constantly growing and developing, building a strong belief from our customers to become a professional and reliable company in Viet Nam. Song Sach Food will continue working hard and making more efforts to seize the opportunities of the development, strengthen our position and brand in the Vietnamese market as well as in the global market. From our experience, we commit to following strictly the manufacture standard, food hygiene, and safety,... with the line “proud of bringing high-quality products and healthy life”. Our priority mission is to provide high-quality products based on caring for your family’s health. Finally, we would like to say thank you to our customers for believing in our products in recent years.

Song Sach Food products

Premium flavors for baby

There are four main products: Nutrition Black sesame oil, Gac fruit oil, Extra Virgin Walnut Oil, Anchovy Fish Sauce

Contribute natural Vitamin, Canxi, Protein, Omega… for the baby. It helps to improve both physical and mental. It is good for pregnant, and breastfeeding women, and babies.

Extra Virgin Oil

Oil is filtered by modern machines, eliminating residue and Aflatoxin that helps to keep essential nutritional, natural vitamins, delicious smell, and the specific color of the ingredients. Extra Virgin Oil is suitable for people who are on a diet, vegetarians, cardiovascular disease people, help to raise the beautiful skin. It also helps to reduce cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent gingivitis, control sugar blood...

The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey

Song Sach Food - Pure natural honey Bee for babies is collected and extracted in the Tien Phuoc mountain area. Contribute natural Vitamin, Protein, Natural mineral that essential for health. Nectars are collected from the herb plants, flowers of the precious perennial trees so it is known as a specific medicine that can help to treat cold, sore throat, bring health, and help to raise your natural beauty.

Song Sach Food Leader

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." Oprah Winfrey, media mogul

Over the past 3 years, Song Sach Food has been constantly growing and developing with high goals. We want to bring pleasure to our customers through high-quality products.


Moreover, we are constantly researching and pioneering in production, bringing traditional agriculture high-quality products to our customers. And most importantly, we will continue working hard and making more efforts to strengthen our position and brand and help Vietnamese agriculture products can reach the global market.


We want to make Vietnamese Agriculture more developing by bringing practical values, high-quality products, and nutrition values to all ages.


Song Sach Food - Our priority mission is to provide high-quality products in the base of caring for your family’s health