Production technology - Extract pure oil - Song Sach Food

With the target to demand the standard of food hygiene and safety, the Song Sach manufacturing factory was invested in the extract oil machine with the closed-system, associating with the experience in the temperature adjustment of the worker following a long traditional method.

To manufacture the pure fresh and quality product, especially the product that has to have a special flavor of this land, we succeeded in persuading the workers who have a long time skills in extracted oil, to pass to our company the secret of extract oil. Having this recipe creates special things in our products.

ép dầu

Manufacturing process:

  • (01): Collect ingredients
  • (02): Put ingredients into a Material feeding machine.
  • (03): Supply ingredients for the extract oil machine.
  • (04): Oil pipes system through pressure filters.
  • (05): Oil pipes system through residue, water filter machine.
  • (06): An Aflatoxin detection.
  • (07): Oil tanks contain oil through an oil sterilization filtration machine.
  • (08): Nanotechnology system.
  • (09): Oil tanks contain finished products.
  • (10): Auto filling lines system.
  • (11): Packing Lines.
  • (12): Storage depot.

Our products are our “brainchild”, they are carrying our effort and belief. We manufacture products with a mindset that the product you are using is also the product we are using daily.

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