Song Sach Farm

Our cultivation process is using the organic agriculture system. The arable land is a Pilot plant meeting the Good Agricultural Practice Standard (Vietgap).

Production Technology

Our manufacturing process is a closed system using a cold-pressing method and an Aflatoxin detection machine. (Aflatoxin is a toxin which may lead to serious threats to human and animal health.)

Distribution – Sale Agents

We commit to having the best goods supply with a fast, stable turnaround in quality and quantity.

Wholesale Distribution

Remarkability and high-quality products with adequate product certificates. Manufacturing system with diverse sources of raw materials and high production capacity to export.

Product List

Premium flavors for baby

Weaning oil and high-quality fish sauce for baby. The products have a unique taste, and they retain essential nutrients by manufacturing with a closed system.

Extra Virgin Oil

100% extra virgin vegetable oil is manufacturing with a cold-pressing method. No chemicals or extreme heat are used during the process to keep highly vegetables nutritious. These are the best choices for vegetarians, people who are on a diet or have cardiovascular disease.

The forest Bee 100% Pure natural honey

By using the traditional method of collecting and extracting, the honey bee has a unique flavor of Quang Nam province.

Song Sach Food Leader


Over the past 4 years (2017-2021), Song Sach Food has been constantly growing and developing with high goals. We want to bring pleasure to our customers through high-quality products.

Founder & CEO Phan Minh Ngoc

Song Sach Food products are now sold at over 600 stores throughout Viet Nam.
Our priority mission is to provide high-quality products in the base of caring for your family’s health.
HOTLINE: 038 6968 688


If you are interested in cooperating with us as a sales agent or distributor, please contact us through the hotline: (except Sunday and Public Holidays) for more information. 038.6968.688


We have four Sales Departments in the North(Ha Noi), the South(TP.HCM), and the Central of VietNam(Da Nang, Hoi An), to guarantee the supply of the goods for MT and GT. We are going to expand in other areas.


Our distribution system operates throughout Viet Nam from the North to the South. The products are selling in local Mother and Baby Stores, Fresh Food Stores, and in small stores as well as in supermarkets: Tre Tho Shop, Bon Grocer, King Food, Nam An Market, VGFOOD... If you want to get information about the nearest store, please contact us through the hotline: 038.6968.688 .

About Us!

Song Sach Food
Proud to provide a healthy product to you!


100% natural ingredient (NO chemicals and harmful additives)


A strictly observed process to choose high-quality ingredients.

Original Flavor

Keeping the original taste of the natural components.


We use eco-friendly ingredients throughout the process.

Food Hygiene And Safety Certificate

We received a certificate from the Ministry of health that conforms to food hygiene and safety regulations.


Our products are purely natural and high-quality. They are the perfect choices to enhance the flavor of your meal.

Best Seller

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Black sesame oil for baby


Smooth skin

Having Vitamin E and B that help to soothe the sensitive skin and moisturize baby skin.


Digestion improvement

Containing a high fiber which supports effectively to prevent and treat constipation disease.


Anorexia recovery

Having a wonderful smell and a delicious taste help to increase your child's appetite.


Essential fats nutrients provision

Supporting in forming adipose tissue, which role is to generate body heat, due to the high healthy fats.


Brain development

Having Omega 3, DHA, which is essential nutrition for the improvement of a baby's brain.


Immune system improvement

Containing Vitamin E, Omega 3…6, which helps to build up a resistance and boost the immune system.

Customer Feedbacks

Production Process

Our priority is Quality

The priority of Song Sach Food is Quality. Our vision is to bring the best product to the customers and contribute to improving the quality of Life.

We would like to say thank you for your support and your belief in our products!


QNB member conference and Trade show event of QNB&OCOP products 2021

Chiều ngày 23.4.2021, Sống Sạch Food đã vinh dự có mặt tại gian hàng số 17 tại chương trình Gặp mặt hội viên QNB năm 2021 và Trưng bày sản phẩm QNB&OCOP

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Happy Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10/2020

Vietnam Women's Day is a celebration to honor women, was held on October 20 every year in Vietnam. On this occasion, women in Vietnam, many people expressed interest and honor in many forms but is most common rose, card and enclose the congratulations

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Vietnamese agricultural brands honored 2020

Overtook 1.450 products that were surveyed. Song Sach Food’s product is one of the 80 agricultural products that have been conferred Vietnamese agricultural brands honored 2020.

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